Compliance and Accessibility with Outdoor Dining

Restaurants have had to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering Al Fresco Dining along with take-out and curb-side service. These services, thought to be temporary are now the life blood of the industry. At six months in and continuing for much longer, we need to look into the cooler, and possibly wet, weather of fall with poor air quality and many other potential obstacles. In this webinar, we will cover the regulations behind the outdoor dining guidance as we progress into the cooler months while keeping your establishment clear of ADA lawsuits. Topics to be covered are:


  • Guidance on what is considered compliant outdoor dining within a tent
  • Weather protection measures permitted with outdoor dining    
  • Guidelines on staff while working outdoors
  • OSHA compliance specific to outdoor dining


  • Path of travel requirements and ramps
  • Arrangement of furniture with the tent or patio
  • Transactions at the counter
  • Meeting the requirements for local jurisdictions and Federal/State laws
  • Timing of ADA Lawsuits


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