The New CAL/OSHA Standards Along with the Current Trends within Workers' Compensation

The Cal/OSHA Standards Board just adopted an emergency standard related to COVID-19 prevention in the workplace, imposing some significant requirements on California employers. Most notably, the new rule provides that employees excluded from work for having or being exposed to COVID-19 must continue to be paid while they are off work. Employers must now comply with the new mandates. This complex new standard went into effect on November 30, 2020. Please join us while we discuss the new CAL/OSHA Standards and the current trends within the workers' compensation environment.

In this webinar we will cover: 

  • This new standard will require California employers to take immediate action on many COVID-19 fronts. So what do California employers need to know? We will present the top nine takeaways for California employers – including specific recommendations about what you need to do in response to each new obligation.
  • The most common injury trends being experienced by CRA members and how have they been trending over the past two years.
  • Key areas CRA Members should focus on to reduce the costs of work related injuries.
  • How does reporting injuries in a timely manner impact the cost of an injury?  What resources are available to CRA members to assist in prompt injury reporting?

Course Details

The New CAL/OSHA Standards Along with the Current Trends within Workers' Compensation01:05:05