Open and closed doors: How restaurants can build immunity to risk

Safety used to be a box-checking exercise. Now it’s essential for your business to thrive.

The pandemic has shaken the world. Almost every business is now operating in a high-risk environment, and restaurants are firmly on the front lines as the economy opens back up. Join SafetyCulture, a proud CRA Marketplace partner, for a short introduction of their world-class workplace safety and efficiency platform, iAuditor.

iAuditor is a mobile-first application that allows you to create and distribute custom checklists to your team, flag and address issues quickly, and view real-time analytics. Enable employees to embrace a culture of safety and proactivity throughout the pandemic by creating an early warning system enabling you to address problems before they occur. Plus, you will learn:

  • Restaurant & hospitality industry insights and trends
  • Successful re-opening strategies from industry experts
  • How to build your very own early warning system
  • Relevant checklists and guidance specific to the CA restaurant industry

Join the discussion as we describe how restaurants can make safety their competitive edge to win back customers and get safely back to business. 


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